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Metals & Steel Products

1- Scope
2- Definitions
3- Metals and Steel Products/Commodities
4- Methods, Procedures, Standards
5- DKC Inspection Services for Metals and Steel
6- Visual Inspection
7- Weighing and Weight Ascertainment
8- Sampling
9- Testing and Analysis
10- Packing and Marking Inspections
11- Metals and Steel Products Related Marine
Mineral Commodities

1- Mineral Commodities and Fertilizers
2- Definitions
3- Methods, Procedures and Standards
4- Inspection Nomination
5- Visual Inspections
6- Weighing or Weight Ascertainment
7- Sampling, Sample Preparation and Samples
8- Testing/Analysis
9- Packing Inspections
10- Sealing of Tanks, Containers, Storage areas
11- Mineral Commodities Related Marine
12- Reporting

1- On/Off Hire Inspection Nomination
2- On/Off Hire Definitions
3- On/Off Hire Hull Inspection Methods and Procedures
4- On/Off Hire Quantitative Methods and Procedures
5- Lifting Apliances General Condition
6- P&I And Insurance Inspections
7- Collisions
8- General Condition Of Vessels
Marine Inspections

1- Scope
2- Petroleum / Petrochemical Products
3- Methods, Procedure and Standards
4- Inspection Nomination
5- The Inspection Service
6- Petroleum & Petrochemical Products Related Marine

1- Consumer Products
2- Methods, Procedures and Standards
3- Limitation of Services
4- Services
5- Consumer &General Commodities Related Marine

1- Agricultural Commodities Definitions
2- Methods, Procedures and Standards
3- Inspection Agricultural Commodities
4- Agricultural Commodities Related Marine
Petroleum & Petrochemical Products
Consumer & General Commodities
Agricultural Commodities
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Our Services

DKC Commodities Division can offer your company a full range of services - from inspection and audit through
to testing and analysis and certification.With our global network of expert professionals and state-of-the-art
technology, we seek to offer your company the very best tailored solutions to meet your needs.
The qualities of our field staff are mirrored and complemented by our operations team in the office who, together with our specialized reporting
staff, form the bridge between our clients and what is happening in the field with their products and cargos.

All our inspection work is consistent with DKC guidelines and the latest IFIA, API and ASTM guidelines, government regulations, and industry
protocols or can be  tailored to our client’s specific instructions and needs.

Marine Consultancy and loss control services have been developed by Darya Kala Control ( DKC ) as a natural progression from our Inspection
activities, with our pool  of experienced inspectors who have maritime experience or have been involved in the operation of storage terminals we are
easily able to offer these services to our  clients who are looking for a little more than a simple statement of facts and figures.

Our goals here are to minimize the client’s risk, recommend solutions to problems that may arise on a real time basis, ensure that the inspection
techniques used by the neutral inspector are in line with the latest industry standards and provide a direct pair of eyes at the inspection site to
facilitate any adjustments which may be needed to be made by our clients.Typical reports include evaluations of both Vessel and shore side facilities
and can be invaluable when a client is considering chartering a vessel or taking storage at a  particular facility. In addition to the above, the detailed
statement of facts contained in these reports can be a valuable adjunct in evaluating demurrage claims or unusual delays in an operation.

DKC is a provider of inspection, testing and certification services. DKC is not an insurer or guarantor of either quantity or quality of goods or the
contractual  performance of any party.
Darya Kala Control ( DKC ) is a legally constituted business engaged in the trade of inspection and capable of performing inspections in one or more categories of  commodities and products.A highly trained, dedicated staff, many of which have direct maritime experience, carries out Darya Kala Control’s ( DKC ) inspection services. In addition to the skills acquired prior to working for DKC, all inspection personnel go through a rigorous, standardized training and education program, including certification by IFIA.
DKC Services

Darya Kala Control ( DKC ) is a legally constituted business engaged in the trade of inspection and capable of performing inspections in one or more categories of commodities and products.
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