Consumer & General Commodities Services

1-Consumer Products
These guidelines are applicable for services for non-food (*1) consumer products destined for consumer distribution.Such products can be divided into
the following categories.

The list below is not exhaustive and some clarifications are indicated under remarks:
- textiles
- footwear
- toys , nursery products
- households products
- hardware , tools , do-it-yourself products (*2)
- furniture , wooden products
- glassware , ceramics
- pharmaceuticals , cosmetics
- passenger cars , spare parts
- sports goods and equipment
- electrical , electronic products covered by low voltage directive (*3)
- audio-video equipment
- office equipment, computers , telephone sets (*4)
- components for the above mentioned products

*1: Foods including processed food, packed for retail distribution is covered by DKC Agricultural Commodity.
*2: Construction Material to be used by contractors is covered by DKC’s PSI division.
*3: Heavy-duty electrical equipment and machinery is covered by the PSI division.
*4: Industrial telecommunication and computer installations we covered by PSI division.

2-Methods, Procedures and Standards
DKC will have regard to the guidelines when executing the instructions of the principal in the performance of standard or special service during
inspection of consumer products.
The services are conducted in accordance with the instructions and documents provided by the principal, which should include the agreed sampling
method acceptable quality level and / or test standards.The services of consumer products are generally conducted on a random basis and the respective
reports reflect the findings made at the time and place of the service.

3-Limitation of Services
The services provided by DKC does not relieve the manufacturers, suppliers , buyers and other parties involved in the transaction from their contractual
DKC is not responsible for hidden defects and deficiencies occurring after execution of the service or consequences due to unusually heterogeneous
quality levels within the consignment inspected.
Transactions of markings, labels, hangtags, etc. are given in the report and/or certificate for information only, unless their content has been tested or
verified on the principal’s specific instructions.

The following summarized definitions of the principal inspection, testing and other related technical services are not exhaustive and are offered by DKC
according to its available capabilities and facilities.

Differentiation is made between:
- Inspection which entails visual assessment of products on a random basis and
- Testing, through laboratory facilities, of product characteristics, which are not normally determined by visual inspection.

A-General Random Inspection:
The general inspection is carried out when total consignment is available, preferably fully packed and ready for shipment.This visual inspection is
usually conducted on samples selected of random according to the international inspection method.Dependant on the required inspection criteria, the
principal should provide the relevant documents such as copies of the Purchase Order, Proforma Invoice, Letter of Credit, reference sample, product
and packing/marking specifications.

B-Packing Inspections:
When called upon the inspection of packing, DKC will report on the conformity to specifications of the packing but will not advise on the suitability.

C-Laboratory Testing:
Testing of materials, components and finished products in relation to specifications, performance and/or safety requirements will be performed
according to mandatory and/or applicable standards as agreed with the principal.Reports or certificates issued following testing or analysis of samples
will contain DKC company’s specific opinion on those samples only but will not express any opinion upon a total consignment from which the samples
have been drawn.

D-Factory Assessment:
Operational evaluation of a specific factory maybe under taken as requested by the principal.Factory assessment reports are for the principal’s
information only and actions undertaken thereafter are at their own risk.In particular, any liability at DKC with respect to products manufactured and
delivered by the factory assessed is excluded.

E-Pre-Production Inspection:
Random inspection or raw materials and components before production may be undertaken.

F-In-Process Inspection:
Random inspection maybe undertaken during the manufacturing process of semi-finished products, as far as available, in order to inspect products in
accordance with instructions received .

G-Container Stuffing:
When consumer products are shipped in containers, the attendance can only cover the stuffing of the containers.Where DKC is called upon to seal the
containers, such sealing, whilst evidencing its attendance, shall not be considered a proof of inviolability.

H-Attestation by Third Party:
When the condition and compliance of a product with the relevant regulations or standards of a country has been attested or verified by a public or
third party laboratory, DKC shall be entitled to rely on that findings so far as concerning the condition, characteristics and compliance with applicable
regulation and/or standards which have been taken into consideration in the official attestation or verification.

5-Consumer and General Commodities Related Marine/Cargo Damage & Condition Inspections
Consumer and general commodities are a wide range of goods and as far as possible has been categorized in section 5.1. A variety of problems,
irregularities and damages may occur and may be sustained by transporter or the commodity itself.
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