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Darya Kala Control ( DKC ) is a legally constituted business engaged in the trade of inspection and capable of performing inspections in one or more
categories of commodities and products.

A highly trained, dedicated staff, many of which have direct maritime experience, carries out Darya Kala Control’s ( DKC ) inspection services. In
addition to the skills acquired prior to working for DKC, all inspection personnel go through a rigorous, standardized training and education
program, including certification by IFIA.
The qualities of our field staff are mirrored and complemented by our operations team in the office who, together with our specialized reporting staff,
form the bridge between our clients and what is happening in the field with their products and cargos.

All our inspection work is consistent with DKC guidelines and the latest IFIA, API and ASTM guidelines, government regulations, and industry
protocols or can be tailored to our client’s specific instructions and needs.

Marine Consultancy and loss control services have been developed by Darya Kala Control ( DKC ) as a natural progression from our Inspection
activities, with our pool of experienced inspectors who have maritime experience or have been involved in the operation of storage terminals we are
easily able to offer these services to our clients who are looking for a little more than a simple statement of facts and figures.

Our goals here are to minimize the client’s risk, recommend solutions to problems that may arise on a real time basis, ensure that the inspection
techniques used by the neutral inspector are in line with the latest industry standards and provide a direct pair of eyes at the inspection site to facilitate
any adjustments which may be needed to be made by our clients.

Typical reports include evaluations of both Vessel and shore side facilities and can be invaluable when a client is considering chartering a vessel or
taking storage at a particular facility. In addition to the above, the detailed statement of facts contained in these reports can be a valuable adjunct in
evaluating demurrage claims or unusual delays in an operation.

DKC is a provider of inspection, testing and certification services. DKC is not an insurer or guarantor of either quantity or quality of goods or the
contractual performance of any party.

Assignment and inspection instructions

The instructions for each inspection assignment should include sufficient details to enable DKC to perform descriptions, quantity, quality
specifications, time and place of inspections, vessel or other means of transportation, packing, stowage, contract partners, documentary details (e.g.
Letter of credit numbers, Bill of Lading numbers, etc), contact persons (e.g. vessel agents, supplier contacts, receiver contacts).It is also recommended
that the principal inform DKC as to whether copies of reports should be distributed in addition to the principal.

Methods, Procedures and Standards

The methods , procedures and standards to be applied during an inspection shall be those agreed upon between the principal and DKC , provided
such instructions are considered appropriate on technical and financial grounds by DKC at the time and place of performance.In the event that no
method , procedure or standard is specified , DKC shall be free to perform the inspection according to relevant international or trade standards, if any,
otherwise inspection shall be performed according to such customs , usage or practices of the trade as DKC deems relevant at the time and place of
Dear Visitors,

For over twenty five years, the founders of DKC have dedicated themselves as commodity and marine advisors and inspectors in different fields such
as petroleum, petrochemical products, agricultural products, metals and marine inspections.
Over the time the founders have built a mutual trust and cooperation with many clients (Governmental and private joints),P&I clubs and insurance
companies, while expanding our specialties in a broad spectrum by reducing financial risks associated with shipping, storing, and collateralizing
physical commodities.
DKC Inspection Services was established as an Iranian private joint stock company registered under registration number 377644 in Tehran. The
company's mission is set to provide highest caliber services in accordance with highest international standards and norms.We at DKC are determined
to be focused on doing the best job possible by rendering client tailored services and helping our clients be successful. We guarantee that you will be
provided with the very best services we can offer.
We are committed to working with our clients to achieve the best results possible within their allocated budget.
We are expanding our network, and wish to affiliate with all companies willing and believing in honest, ethical and job oriented partnership.
Managing director
Ario Seraj
DKC International Inspection Services
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Darya Kala Control ( DKC ) is a legally constituted business engaged in the trade of inspection and capable of performing inspections in one or more categories of commodities and products.
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